Get the facts about
long term care.

Preserve your quality of life by helping you to:


 Stay in your home as long as possible

 Maintain flexibility in choosing how and where you
 receive care

 Protect your savings and other assets

A Guide To Long Term Care Insurance

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Long term care (LTC)

Includes the support and services you might need for activities of daily living or severe cognitive impairments, whether it’s in a home or in a facility.

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At least 70%
of people over 65 will need long term care services at some point.1


 5.4 million Americans
are estimated to suffer from Alzheimer’s.2


Get Protected
A well-designed LTC Insurance product can help cover all or a portion of long term care costs.

Long Term Care Insurance is underwritten by Genworth Life Insurance Company of Richmond, VA, and in New York by Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York, NY.
1 Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revised November, 2012
2012 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report. 

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